William Futrell MD, Clinical Professor of Surgery at Pittsburg University and Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Carnegie-Mellon University. Former President of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons.

Graduated from the Duke Univeresity in 1963, and following, the medical school of the Duke University. He was a member of Alpha Omega Alpha (Honor Medical Society) and a member of Scientific Surgical Association adherent to National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health for two years.

Dr. William Futrell is licensed general surgeon and plastic surgeon. He was in the academic chair of Virginia University plastic surgery department during 1975-1979. In 1979 he was appointed head of the surgery at Pittsburg University and surgical professor of the medical centre and remained on this position for 21 years. Dr. Futrell is currently a clinical professor at Pittsburg University and Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering at Carnegie-Mellon University.

Dr. Futrell used to be the President of Association of Plastic Surgeons once and other professional institutions as well. He is an author of more than 200 scientific papers. One of the major fields of his interest is the regeneration of tissues, especially adipocytes (fat cells) and development of stem cells.

Dr. Futrell holds multiple patents in mentioned and other fields. His name is included in «Who’s Who in America» edition and the list of «Best Surgeons of America». Dr. Futrell has been invited to lecture on plastic surgery in more than 50 leading universities of the world and has taken part in regenerative surgeries’ missions to the third world countries. He is married, has two daughters.

Ricardo Rodriguez MD, plastic surgeon, one of the leading experts in the field of stem cells and therapeutic disciplines. Head of the surgical department at Greater Baltimore Center hospital and recently President of Association of Plastic Surgeons in Maryland.

In 1976 graduated from the Colgate University with honors, received second higher education at the University of Wisconsin. In 1980 and 1985 had practice in the department of general surgery at the University of Tulane. Worked at the medical school of Yale as an assistant to head of the plastic surgery department in 1988-1991. In 1991 Dr. Rodriguez went to Baltimore and started his private practice. In 1992 he was appointed co-director of “Greater Baltimore Medical Centre” clinics of wounds treatment, in 2001 Dr. Rodriguez was appointed the Head of the “Greater Baltimore Medical Centre” Plastic Surgery hospital.

Along with his duties at the hospital Dr. Rodriguez is a member of several boards at the Association of Plastic Surgeons. He received an honorable prize for “Significant achievements”. Besides, he has been the President of Union of Plastic Surgeons in Maryland for two years (2002-2003). In 2007 Dr. Rodriguez founded his surgical centre Since 2009 he has been engaged in the research of the stem cells therapy. He is the President of ICMS (International Cell Medicine Society) and together with American Association of Blood Bank devises standards for clinics licensing, using stem cells. This year Dr. Rodriguez received a grant from the Stem Cells Research Centre in Maryland; the grant was intended for a research on the opportunity of using stem cells in tissues with the use of fluorocarbon nanoparticles.

Ramón Llull MD, PhD, director of “STEM Center”, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Assistant to Professor of Biology at the Barcelona medical university. Former Head of the Oncological department of MD Anderson Intl centre in Madrid. Obtained PhD in the field of immunology at the Irvine University of California (USA).

He was born in Mallorca and received higher education at the University of Navarra (Spain). Later, he was educated and trained also by the leading American academics in the field of surgery. Dr. Llull follows his dream, which is to find the lightest ways of human treatment. He received his PhD in the field of immunology at the Irvine University of California and then was transferred to the medical centre of Pittsburg University, where he was became a plastic surgeon. Currently Dr. Llull is the director of “STEM Centre” (Mallorca, Spain), where he runs the leading team in the field of transforming cell biology and immunology in therapeutic disciplines.